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4x4 Trips and Safaris


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A 4x4 safari into the African bush is one of the most rewarding excursions a visitor can enjoy. The highest percentage of our terrain can be accessed to its full potential in a 4x4 vehicle. The scenic contrasts of Southern Africa are available to those with a sense of adventure, and a 4x4 of course! One can either choose to participate in a short 4x4 safari trail or in a complete expedition. Not only can one view the exciting mountains, forests and rivers, you can catch sight of our world renouned coastlines and beaches from the excitement of a 4x4.

When choosing to do 4x4 trail, you can either do a short trail for fun and adventure, or a longer expedition which takes you into the wild destinations the Southern African sub-continent has to offer. This includes a bit of pre-planning and thinking ahead, so be sure to have your 4x4 properly serviced, have all the right gear, equipment and supplies that will last you for the length of your journey – and don't forget to have a very good topographical map of the area you are planning to explore!

There are companies that offer 4x4 training courses, as well as obstacle-type courses, but the real adventure is getting out into the wild. Some of the most rewarding areas of Southern Africa to explore with a 4x4 include Botswana with its Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve; Lesotho with its challenging mountain terrain; Mozambique for its incredible scenery and birdlife; Namibia for its diversity of landscapes and the Namib Desert; Zambia with its nineteen national parks and Swaziland for its rolling green hills and magnificent Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. South Africa offers a staggering variety of landscapes and incredible game reserves, well stocked and well maintained.

A 4x4 safari is possibly one of the most rewarding ways to experience this incredible part of the world. Just make sure to plan, have a good first aid kit, lots of fresh water and a supply of extra fuel – you may want to drive more than you originally planned!