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Activities to Build your own Custom Safari


  Hunting Pictures  
  A hunting safari in South Africa is sure to be a thrilling experience. Whether you are interested in the Big Five or in Plains Game hunting, we at Safari Central will coordinate your African Hunting Safari and make it a memorable one. Our clients’ requirements and interests are of utmost importance, and that is why we take into account your individual hunting choices.

We offer hunting safaris in various concession areas of South Africa’s provinces. These areas vary greatly in terms of topography, vegetation and species available and range from rolling savannah grassland to densely wooded bushveld. The area in which your safari will be conducted depends on the trophies which are of interest, as well as the time of year and the number of animals available in any concession area.

Whichever the area or specific animal, a Big Five safari is always exciting. We take great care in the planning of each of these hunts and they are always conducted by one of our professional hunters who have years of experience in pursuing the Big Game of Africa.

The various species of animals to be hunted depends completely on you. The mighty Big Five is always a popular choice, but buck and bird hunting can present just as much of an exciting challenge to the hunting enthusiast.

A popular South African tradition is to go on a group hunting and camping trip to seek out various buck species and make biltong (a raw, spiced and dried meat snack).

South Africa offers a great diversity of ecological areas so as to conserve and protect our wildlife. Hunting is a sport where knowledge is vital, and the best hunters are very conscious to consider the habitat and well-being of their prey. Each animal is unique in its habits and behavior, experience and respect are the most important factors when pursuing the various species.
Lion hunting a Zebra
Hunter's preparing
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  Fishing Pictures  
  With the wide array of types of fishing available here in South Africa, your expertise can be perfectly utilized and included into your perfect fishing safari.

Whether your flair is deep water, still water, or fly fishing, still or salt water, our inland and coastal waters provide the ideal platform to concentrate on the types of fish that “catch” your interest, the ideal location for you to soak up the magnificent views as well as skilled fishing professionals.

The selection of where to launch your fishing expedition is endless. We are blessed to have a coastline that stretches across the cold Benguela current sweeps through from the western coast at the Cape of Good Hope and streams east to meet the warm Mozambique/Aghulas current. This is completely separate from all the rivers, streams, lakes and dams which are plentiful in our country.

At Safari Central we support responsible hunting and fishing for sport, therefore there is also the option of a catch and release fishing safari. By this we mean that your bait is set out as if you were to catch a fish as normal, but when the fish is hooked, you are welcome to release it once you have taken a look at the magnificent creature and recognized what species it is. The fish is then not harmed and it can carry on living in its habitat.

The biggest challenge (recommended for seasoned fishermen) is the angling of a variety of shark species from the shore and the catching of the popular copper shark which can weigh up to 200kg. This will be an unforgettable experience for any angler. Other popular fish species are Kob, West Coast Steenbras, Blacktail, Galjoen and Catfish, Tiger Fish, all types of Trout, and Kingfish, to name but a few.

Taxidermists are also widely available and can be arranged by request so that your fishing memory can be kept as a lifelong trophy.

Boat and charter hire is also very popular, therefore a bigger group can be accommodated.
Hook and Line
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  Photography Pictures  
  Upon arrival in Africa, the first item to use is your camera! There are so many exciting and unusual sites that you’ll want to remember forever. For any explorer, photography is the ideal way in which to preserve your memories until your next visit.

The compact size and the handy features on modern cameras make the expertise of photography an easy skill for everybody. What better way to relive your African safari experience than to seize every moment through a personalized photo? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and once you see the remarkable landscape and natural life during your safari adventure, you will know the worth of having a physical picture to share with friends and family.

Taking pictures may not seem like a skill, but many factors need to be considered in this process – so why not make the moment last forever? The fauna and flora, animals and astounding views will have you snapping away in no time!
African Photography
African Sunset Photography
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  Game Watching Pictures  
  Game watching tours are always situated centrally to camps and wildlife parks – the finest havens in the world for natural life - so as to allow easy access to a variety of places, but also be positioned secretly in the heart of the land’s splendour.

South Africa alone is home to nineteen world class wildlife parks, some vast and varied, others more intimate and focused. Your choice of destination is unlimited, and completely at your discretion. The vast herds and formidable concentration of animals are boundless. Most game parks are home to predators and endangered species. Nowhere else in the world will you have the privilege of stumbling across these amazing animals and surroundings that Africa has to offer.

Game drives are a great option to explore to view game and a wide selection of wildlife. Your tour guide will weave through the prime spots to catch a glimpse of a pride of lions, zebras on the edge of their waterhole, giraffes sauntering through the Fever Trees and perhaps even see a cheetah chasing his dinner. Your guide is experienced and can answer your most intricate questions, as well be armed at all times to ensure a successful and safe game spotting experience. The open vehicle seats 7-8 people and provides convenient 360 degree views. Game drives are usually conducted at dawn and dusk. This is the time when game is least hidden from sight and so there is a much higher chance of seeing even the shyest animals.

Herds roam freely across the plains and are easily spotted by car, look a little harder and you may pick out a herd of elephants or lions feasting on their latest catch.

Watch the morning sun scribble intriguing patterns across the veld and contemplate the day’s journey. Enjoy an early morning game drive and watch Africa awaken in front of your eyes.

Many mammals produce their offspring in the height of summer (December, January) and the youngsters are a special treat on safaris. The winter months (May to August) bring drier, more temperate weather condition. These months are ideal for game watching as the trees do not carry leaves and animals can be spotted a lot easier in their natural habitat.

Seasons differ vastly in the African bushveld, but no season can be rated above another one as each has its own unique appeal. Spring (September) and autumn (April) are very short seasons in close proximity to the Tropics, and usually provide milder weather conditions and subtle changes in vegetation. Summer (October to March) tends to be hot, but the bush looks wonderfully green and lush.

Access to the park is open to public vehicles, although game walks and drives can be arranged with experienced guides who know which watering holes are popular with the animals. This vantage point is ideal for those who wish to be engaged and hands-on in the wild. Your viewing opportunities will be much more delicate and exciting. The bush walk focuses on the ecology, geology and flora of the area, as well as the small bush inhabitants, including insects and birds. One can also discover the interesting and unique world of trees, grasses and flowers – of course, occasionally big game can be seen on walks - including elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and buffaloes.

This is a fascinating activity as it allows you to observe the smaller animals that you would usually not see while out on drive. Our knowledgeable ranger and tracker will enthrall you with stories about the medicinal properties of plants, local beliefs regarding the wildlife and fascinating facts regarding the animals. Let your guide page with you through nature's book and explain to you the meaning of various tracks and why tracking is seen as the origin of science.
Game Watching from 4x4
Game running
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  Night Drives Pictures  
  Your experienced safari guide will put their professional skills to test in order to locate the legendary Big 5 and other fascinating wildlife. You may have the opportunity to view some impressive antelope including kudu, nyala and waterbuck as well as some of the majestic birds of prey such as the fish eagle, yellow-billed kite and gymnogene.

Experience the African bush at night, with the sounds of lions on the hunt, owls whooping and the chatter of hungry scavengers looking for the remains of a kill.

As the night sets in, there is a chance to view big cats such as lion and leopard on the hunt, and some unusual nocturnal creatures including porcupine, civit and white-tailed mongoose may also be seen.

The vehicle you travel in during your night drive is equipped with lighting gear to enhance every moment and scene you’ll encounter during your dark secretive twilight trek.
African Sunset
Giraffe at night
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  Bird Watching Pictures  
  Besides the acclaimed big five and the extensive array of other animal species, Africa’s birdlife is so distinct and the vegetation provides the perfect canvas to showcase these magnificent animals. Even though birding seems like such a small part of what wildlife, as a whole, it can be the most tranquil and fascinating pastime for everyone from the enthusiastic beginner right through to the trained professional.

There are over 600 species of birds in the Southern African region. As most will agree, this is an impressive number for any variety of creature. To completely appreciate the bird life, we offer excursions included into your custom safari package into the heart of the birding habitat with the luxury of a knowledgeable tour guide.
African Owl
Eagle Hunting
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  4x4 Trips Pictures  
  A journey into the African bush is one of the most rewarding excursions a visitor can enjoy. The highest percentage of our terrain can be accessed to its full potential in a 4x4 vehicle. The scenic contrasts of Southern Africa are available to those with a sense of adventure, and a 4x4 of course! One can either choose to participate in a short 4x4 safari trail or in a complete expedition. Not only can one view the exciting mountains, forests and rivers, you can catch sight of our world renouned coastlines and beaches from the excitement of a 4x4.

When choosing to do 4x4 trail, you can either do a short trail for fun and adventure, or a longer expedition which takes you into the wild destinations the Southern African sub-continent has to offer. This includes a bit of pre-planning and thinking ahead, so be sure to have your 4x4 properly serviced, have all the right gear, equipment and supplies that will last you for the length of your journey – and don't forget to have a very good topographical map of the area you are planning to explore!

There are companies that offer 4x4 training courses, as well as obstacle-type courses, but the real adventure is getting out into the wild. Some of the most rewarding areas of Southern Africa to explore with a 4x4 include Botswana with its Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve; Lesotho with its challenging mountain terrain; Mozambique for its incredible scenery and birdlife; Namibia for its diversity of landscapes and the Namib Desert; Zambia with its nineteen national parks and Swaziland for its rolling green hills and magnificent Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. South Africa offers a staggering variety of landscapes and incredible game reserves, well stocked and well maintained.

A 4x4 is possibly one of the most rewarding ways to experience this incredible part of the world. Just make sure to plan, have a good first aid kit, lots of fresh water and a supply of extra fuel – you may want to drive more than you originally planned!
4x$ Drives
Interesting Landscapes
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  Adventure Camps Pictures  
  A tented safari experience is for most the ideal glimpse into the wild spirit of Africa. The delight of including the true culture of living under the blanket of the African sky with the activities offered by Safari Central, your expedition can be a perfect voyage in between the energy of our vast wilderness.

Experience the sights and sounds of the land in either way you decide – luxurious or completely authentic. Camping provides the ideal platform to tailor your ideal living space. You can cook for yourself over a searing fire, sit outside your tent and take in the scenery and fresh air and take pleasure in perhaps catch a glimpse of some wild game.
Camping at night
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  River Rafting Pictures  
  Forget about the rest of the world in the splashes and rapids of a River Rafting Safari Adventure.

Whether you prefer a smooth journey across peaceful waters in a canoe or a rumble in crashing rocks along fast paced waters, we will determine the perfect location (as there are hundreds to choose from) for any and all – mild or wild adventure seeking visitors. South Africa is rich in rivers and lakes, so it all depends on your taste of scenery, climate and level of capability. Rapids are rated according to International Standards of Difficulty so that your tour guide can help you in deciding which activity to take. Your peace of mind and safety are of utmost importance.

Enjoy the rushing sound of water all around you, the icy chill of the water, the fresh smell of nature.

White River Rafting is considered to be an adventure sport because of the pace, tricky areas to navigate through and the absolute thrill of the horizon looming towards you at any moment as you cruise off the edge of a towering cliff.

Confidence is quickly built after a few minutes on the water, as well as your trusty River Rafting expert at your side every step of the way. Rapid after rapid gives each person the opportunity to see all aspects of nature – from wildlife to birds to our magnificent topography and vegetation and to feel the golden African sun on your skin, view the most amazing waterfalls.

Your tour guide will give commands on how to steer the raft as well as the best and most exciting routes to follow.

After a day’s activity out on the water, what better way to be right underneath the orange hues of a bright African sunset on a slow journey back. From there on, relax under the remainder of dusk until the stars cheerfully greet you in the cool evening breeze.
Single River rafting
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  Aquatic Adventures Pictures  
  South Africa is a great destination for marine sport enthusiasts. Still of great interest to visitors and locals alike is that of old favorites like water skiing, swimming with dolphins and scuba diving. For something different why not try shark cage diving and get up close and personal with a great white shark!

Swimming with dolphins
While sifting through scores of dolphin swim trip reports to set up the top adventure tours ranking list, it quickly became clear where the best destinations in the world are to go swimming with wild dolphins – South Africa! Each one of the destinations has received glowing reports from people who have been there to meet and interact with these wonderful marine creatures.

All major coastal destinations share the characteristic that boasts the achievement of high success rates in not only viewing the dolphins, but also getting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim amongst these fascinating mammals.

The friendly dolphins’ nature makes them ideal swimming companions. The dolphins are curious and playful enough to come closer to the boat as soon as the swimmers enter the water. A high percentage of the time the dolphins "stay to play", which provides a wonderful experience in the sapphire waters for the human swimmers.

All these destinations have a very high density of dolphin pods in a reasonably small area due to the fact that there is a rich and consistent food supply available to the dolphins. This explains why some areas are better for dolphin swimming than others.

The dolphins have become habituated to the continuous presence of humans. Irresponsible behavior like herding the dolphins or chasing them is an obvious bad influence but has largely been stamped out in these areas as only responsible tour operators retain their licence.

Journeying from the depths of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans during most days of the year are our resident pods of Bottlenose dolphins,

From June to November Humpback and Southern Right whales grace us with their majestic presence on their long journey north from their Antarctic home.

The annual sardine run in the winter months is a hive of activity for common dolphins to browse some prey.

What a miraculous opportunity to see so many aquatic creatures, besides the legendary dolphins, whales and sharks, just imagine all the other millions of assorted creatures on offer in the depths off the African coastlines.

Scuba Diving in South Africa
With excellent dive sites both coastal and inland, South Africa is a top destination for anyone wishing to experience scuba diving at its best. Scuba diving off the South African coast yields some very interesting adventures. Dotted all around the coast are shipwrecks – both old and new – that provide some serious excitement for divers.

Imagine local wreck sites as we stop along the way at interesting spots. You’ll have the opportunity to check out the shark nets and learn more about what the Sharks Board does to keep you and our beaches safe.

Shark Diving
The Great White shark is the world's largest predatory fish, and can reach over six metres in length. This awesome – and frightening – creature, weighing in at 1-ton and having 6 rows of razor-sharp teeth, is one of the most feared, yet respected, creatures of the ocean. South Africa has one of the highest counts of Great Whit sharks in our waters, and the Western Cape village of Gansbaai is known as "The Great White Capital of the World".

Not many people have witnessed the incredible sharks in their natural habitat. It is for this reason that Safari Central seeks out only the best adventure tour operators that charter boats, and allow tourists to experience the feeding Great Whites from either on a boat, or from within a submerged steel cage, for a little more of an adrenalin rush! Getting up close and personal with a Great White is truly a breath-taking occurence, and cage diving gives you the chance to do it. It will leave you feeling thrilled and adrenalin-rushed, but with a new found respect of the staggering power and immeasurable splendor of the ocean and its creatures.

So join the shark cage diving club and experience a never-to-be-forgotten ocean adventure.

Between the months of May through October is considered to be the best time to view the Great White Shark, although they are seen throughout the year!

The Great White Shark is a surface feeder and thus all the activity takes place on or very close to the surface, due to this, the surface viewing from the boat is excellent.

You do not need any diving certification to do the cage dive.

South Africa is home to many dive resorts where the main focus of your holiday will be diving and scoping out the underwater scenery. There are also underwater safaris, shark cage diving, and turtle viewing expeditions, so get your snorkel and flippers ready and prepare for a wonderful underwater adventure!
Scuba Diving
Marine Life
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  Golfing Trips Pictures  
  You are invited to enjoy a pleasurable safari vacation where your passion for golf can be one of the many excursions included in your safari package or tailored to primarily focus on your sporting enjoyment.

In South Africa we are blessed with landscapes of unsurpassed beauty interwoven with our world class golf courses. You will stay in lodges, hotels and resorts that have been specially chosen to meet international standards of hospitality as well as specifically designed to incorporate the exquisite views of the golf courses.

South Africa's numerous provinces harbor a rare mix of rural beauty and urban interest, encompassing untamed bushveld, farmland, mountain ranges and water features, together with historic towns and an internationally famous niche five-star golf resorts.

Sun City (considered to be South Africa's Las Vegas) is one of the country's most well-known destinations and only three hours from Johannesburg, and is the venue for the world-famous Nedbank Two Million Dollar Golf Challenge in December. Gary Player, a South African born and bred golfing champion, designed this golf course himself. This is one of the many courses originated by our home grown golfing legends.

Relish in the bliss of playing a game of golf throughout our diverse country, ranging from the Cape Winelands and Garden Route straight through to the Kruger Park – the internationally renowned game park, home to elephant, cheetah, lion, leopard, giraffe, rhino, and antelope.

Golfing in South Africa is sure to be a unique adventure, especially since there are so many exhilarate leisure pastimes on your doorstep to integrate into your dream safari.
Golf Flag
Golfing trips
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