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Help with creating your custom safari

Help Section

Contact Information
This section is for your personal information. Your information will be kept private and will only be used for booking your safari and for us to contact you. All the fields in this section is required..

First Name* (required)
This is the applicants first name, and is a required field.

Last Name* (required)
This is the applicant surname / last name, and is a required field.

Email Address* (required)
This is a required field. Please enter the correct email address, as this is the address we will use to correspond with you.

Contact Telephone* (required)
This is your contact telephone number with which we will contact you once you accept the quotation. Please enter your full contact telephone number including the country extension. This is a required field.

Country* (required)
Start typing your country name into the field provided, and select it from the list appearing. If your country is not in the list, simply continue typing the name into the field. This is a required field.

Safari Information
This is the general information about your Safari.

Total Number of People* (required)
The total number of people who will be joining in on the safari. Please fill in the seperate number of people and genders, as this will enable us to calculate the most efficient safari schedule for you. At least one of the fields need to be completed.

Expected Dates* (required)
The expected dates you will want to arrive and depart for your safari. This is a required field.

Accomodation Type* (required)
The type of Accomodation you would want to stay in during your safari. This is a required field.

Special Dietery Requirements
Fill in any special dietery requirements that you would prefer, as well as any allergies or special medical preferences.

Additional Preferences
Note any other additional preferences should we have left anything out on the form.

Rent a Car
Choose your preference in if you would want to rent a car during your safari. Note that a car rental is necessary should you want to enjoy a self-guided safari.

Interested Activities* (at least 1 activity required)
Fill in the different sections regarding the activities that you would want to enjoy on your custom safari trip. The more information you enter, the more thorough the proposed schedule in your quotation will be. Note that at least one of the activities needs to be selected.